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Save Money This Summer in 2018

Simple Summer Budgeting Tips

Summer Vegetables and GrowthSchool is out and summer is in full swing. With the kids at home, it may feel a bit easier to overindulge in eating out or movies on a rainy day. However, summer can be a great time to save money while still having fun. Check out a few ideas on ways to stick to your budget without cutting back on the summer fun.

Take in an Afternoon Show

With the price of an evening movie ticket upwards of $10 for an adult, and slightly less for kids, consider taking in the latest summer blockbuster in the afternoon. With the kids home from school, it’s the perfect way to entertain them, while saving an average of $3-$5 per ticket. Check out your local movie theater’s website and social media pages for additional savings and special bargain showings geared especially for families. The money you save may more than cover your trip to the concessions stand.

Go Old School: Pack the Cooler

Skip the overpriced snacks at the convenience store during your next road trip and instead do what your parents and grandparents did – pack the snacks! For a fraction of the cost of eating out or picking up snacks on the road, you can pack sandwiches, snacks, candy and drinks in a cooler for the ride. A quick trip to the grocery store to stock up on essentials will save you $10-50 during one leg of your trip, depending on the size of your group.
Don’t forget that you’ll be able to enjoy some more scenic lunch and snack stops along the way at area rest stops, versus fighting traffic and lines at the fast food establishments.

Rent, Don’t Buy, Your Videos and Video Games

Even though you would rather see the kids outside playing with their friends, it is inevitable that part of the summertime entertainment will involve movies and video games. While your kids may want to buy every new video game and movie that’s available, don’t forget that renting is a viable option. For movies, you can rent digital movies online via iTunes or your cable provider, plus services like Redbox offer bargain prices on DVD rentals (and lots of convenient locations to return). Your local library may also offer DVD and online rentals, so be sure to check them out.

For video games, services like Game Fly offer a monthly subscription price for up to 3 games per month to be shipped to your home. This will allow your kids the opportunity to try out new games without the price tag (of upwards of $60-$70 per game) of a new game. Once they are finished playing the game, they can return and get the next one on their wish list. Between the two, you could save $30-$60 or more a month.

Reassess Your Home Phone Plan

If you still have a land line phone, but everyone in your household is carrying a cell phone, it may be time to cut the line and save some cash. Even if you want to keep the landline, you can probably downgrade your current monthly plan to the minimum without long distance, voicemail or other services and save between $20-$50 per month.

Save Some Green with a Garden

If you have been thinking about starting a garden, it may save you some green! Growing vegetables that your family eats all the time can save you $20 or more per month in the produce section. It will also give your family the experience and satisfaction of growing their own food and reaping the harvest.

Don’t have space for a garden? If you have a patio or small porch or balcony, you can easily garden in containers. Tomatoes, strawberries, carrots, zucchini and more do very well in containers, and it keeps weeding to a minimum.

Bring the Party to You

Instead of meeting friends at a local bar or restaurant, consider hosting the party at your place. While the upfront cost may be a bit higher up front for food and beverage supplies, the more you host, the more you save. Save even more by encouraging your friends to bring an appetizer, side dish or dessert to share. On average, you can expect to save $20-$100 for each night you stay in! Fire up the grill, ice down the drinks and send out that group text the next time you want to have some fun.

Embrace Local Entertainment

The price of seeing your favorite band in concert this summer may not be in budget, but there is usually plenty to do and experience within an easy drive of your home. Check out fun things to do in our area at Visit Kokomo’s website for some great ideas on live music, fun festivals and more, right in our back yard! Don’t forget about our free events for our members such as the Beach Party on July 19th!

Take Advantage of Savings as a Credit Union Member

Don’t forget the savings you can enjoy as a member of Solidarity. From competitive rates on auto and home equity loans to low interest credit cards, there is plenty of money to be saved with a credit union membership. Consider refinancing any current loans you have with other institutions or transferring any higher rate or credit debt to Solidarity. Stop by one of our branch locations near you!

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