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Indiana’s Natural Wonders

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Turkey Run State Park in IndianaIndiana’s wilderness is simply breathtaking. Here is a list of some of the natural wonders you can explore in the wilds of Indiana.
It is still best to practice social distancing as we continue to fight COVID-19. Please take precautions, plan ahead, and follow CDC and local guidelines while enjoying the sights in Indiana.

McCormick’s Creek Canyon and Wolf Cave/Twin Bridges at McCormick’s Creek State Park

From gorgeous canyons and a waterfall, to a cave that will intimidate the claustrophobic, there’s a reason that McCormick State Park is a must-visit for outdoor enthusiasts.

Portland Arch Nature Preserve, Covington

Portland Arch in Fountain County is beautiful with its dramatic sandstone gorge and the lovely creek that follows the well-worn path of the preserve. Also, cliffs, forests, open prairies, spring-seep wetlands, and savannas—all with an abundance of plants, wildflowers, and trees. The preserve’s most noted site is an incredible natural archway, located on the North Trail. The North Trail is currently closed for trail and boardwalk rehabilitation and is scheduled to reopen on October 1.

Charles C. Deam Wilderness, Bloomington

The Charles C. Deam Wilderness area is within the Hoosier National Forest and covers nearly 13,000 acres. There are 37.3 miles of trails for hiking, horseback riding, and exploring. Special restrictions are in place to protect the character of the wilderness. Visitors to this special place are asked to follow these restrictions to lessen your impact and share responsibility in preserving this unique natural resource.  

Indiana Cave Trail

Discover the mystical world of natural caves in Southern Indiana. The Indiana Cave Trail covers four separate cave systems; Blue Spring, Indiana Caverns, Marengo Cave, and Squire Boone Caverns. All are entirely natural and feature unique formations and history. Visiting all four caves gets patrons a free t-shirt!

Rocky Hollow-Falls Canyon Nature Preserve at Turkey Run State Park

A walk north on the suspension bridge of Sugar Creek takes visitors to Rocky Hollow-Falls Canyon Nature Preserve. The first step into the preserve feels as if you’ve been transported into another Avatar-like world with deep mossy sandstone ravines, waterfalls, huge cliffs, ladders, and streams will amaze even the most seasoned visitors. This section of 1,609 acres might be Indiana’s most beautiful landscape.

Sand Dunes at Indiana Dunes State and National Park

The beaches along the Indiana Dunes are second to none and perfect for a daytime escape but be sure to take in the enchanting, towering dunes. The sand dunes at both Indiana Dunes National Park and Indiana Dunes State Park have taken thousands of years to form, some even tower nearly 200 feet above Lake Michigan! A challenge like none other, the 1.5-mile 3 Dune Challenge features the three tallest dunes at Indiana Dunes State Park, which combine for a height of 552 vertical feet.
As you travel the wilds of Indiana, don’t forget to visit our 24-hour ATMs and utilize our mobile and online banking options for your financial needs.

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