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How To Start Saving

A Savings account is an investment in your future. If you want to buy a house, save for college, buy a car, or take a vacation: Start saving today!

Here are some tips to start saving:
1. Save the loose change from your pay check. If your check is $10.19, save the $0.19.

2. $1 a week from your check deposited to a savings account will be $52 a year.

3. Every day empty the change from your pockets into a container. When the container is full, bring it to the credit union to deposit into your savings account.

4. Any rebate checks, coupons or refunds deposit the money saved into your savings account.

5. Save your overtime money.

6. Build your savings account balance by transferring $500 into a certificate of deposit earning a higher interest rate.

Consider this account for:
• Emergency savings or unexpected expense
• College fund
• Vacation fund
• Vehicle fund
• Home improvements

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