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Best App Debt Trackers and Planners

Getting Debt Free Using Apps | SOLFCUThere are apps for everything and that is not limited to finances. School loans, mortgages and credit card debt can easily pile up and become overwhelming. It can be difficult to juggle them and decide which is the priority and where to start but technology is here to help. These apps have been created to help you pay down your debt and track it on the go. 

Debt Payoff Planner (Android and iOS)

Download for iOS
Download for Android

This handy planner is free, Android and iOS friendly, and lets you see how long it will take to pay off your debt. It also allows you to create detailed plans for paying off your debt as well as telling you how much money you will save in interest depending on your plans. This is a great app for tracking your progress in debt reduction.

DebtTracker Pro (Android)

For Android only, DebtTracker Pro is $1.99 and helps you stay up on all your accounts. Everything you manage is one easy to read screen that helps you see the whole picture rather than pieces of it. You can select your debt method or create one of your own. Once you’ve added all your data, it will automatically make a recommendation about payment amounts for every debt account. You’ll even get alerts about when your payments are due. 

Debt Payoff Assistant (iOS)

Download for iOS

This app uses the Snowball Method to help users pay off their debt. Free and for iOS users, it essentially has you pay off your smallest debts first and work up to the largest. It allows you to pick whichever debt repayment strategy you want, or multiple strategies. One of the best things it offers is display of your total debts, remaining debts, interest paid, and interest saved. 

Mint (iOS, Android, and Desktop)

Download for iOS
Download for Android
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iOS, Android, and Desktop friendly; Mint is Free and makes all your finances and budgets a cakewalk. You can be as specific as you want and link your accounts and set your goal accomplishment dates. It will track all your financial comings and goings while giving you insights about how to speed everything up. 

Tally (Android and iOS)

Download on iOS
Download on Android

Attempting to pay off multiple credit cards is difficult, and Tally is Free, Android and iOS friendly. It links all cards and suggests the best way to reduce your debt and set a time-span to pay them off. Along with the APRs, Tally will tell you how much you must pay to get out of debt. (Desktop)

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This useful app is free and desktop compatible. It showcases your progress towards your payoff and allows for snowball or avalanche strategies depending on what is best for you. First, you fill out their form and then you are given helpful suggestions on which strategy will work best for you. All your debt will be taken into consideration, from credit cards to student loans. It’s simplistic, user friendly, and you can get started paying down debt in a matter of minutes.

All in all, knowing where you stand in terms of debt and how long it will take you to pay it off is half the battle. There is no better time to get started working down your debt than today, right now, this minute so get to it. Don’t forget your friends at Solidarity are here to help you with any questions about your loans you may have. 

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