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Avoid Grocery Store Money Pits

Woman Grocery Shopping | SOLFCU Financial Tips


Cashiers are only human and sometimes they make mistakes. It’s worth it to check your receipt to make sure all your coupons were used, none of your items were double charged and that you got the sale price that was quoted on the sign. Always check your receipt to make sure it was what you intended to purchase and what you expected to spend.


Make your list and check it twice then bring the list and don’t deviate. If you’re an impulse shopper, your list is the only way you’re going to make it out of there without spending unplanned money. If a list is still not enough to keep your eyes from wandering while you’re in the store, then try shopping online and arrange for a pickup.


Leave the kids at home if you can or do your grocery shopping on your lunch break, or right before you must pick them up. Grocery stores tend to put child-temping items at child height, so the littles can start asking you for things. For the sake of avoiding a middle-of-the-aisle-meltdown, you may feel temped to give in and give the child what they want. It’s a better option to leave them at home if you are able and give yourself a peaceful and quick shopping experience.


Consider shopping a time when stress is not a factor. If you shop stressed, your emotions will run your wallet for you and empty your checking account before you know it. Try to find time to calm down, destress, exercise, or eat something and do not go to the store when you are upset. It will only cause more stress from unnecessary spending and buyer’s remorse.


Stores love to play slow, contemplative music while you shop to help you slow down and really take a good look at all they have to offer. Don’t fall for it. Bring your own music and crank up the beat. It will get you moving faster through the store, so you are in and out of there without the extra time looking at things you don’t need.


It should be common knowledge that it is a very bad idea to shop while you are hungry. However, some days it’s unavoidable because your day was so jam packed with everything you had to do but you still had to squeeze in time to go to the grocery store for tonight’s dinner. That’s ok, it happens, but here’s a suggestion, keep some mints in your purse and suck on mints throughout the store to curb your appetite while you shop. It should be just enough to get you home.


Grocery stores have very specific layouts to entice you to buy the most expensive items and items you just don’t need. The highest price items will be at your eye level, so they are the first thing you see. Look down or up to see lower prices on virtually the exact same thing. These stores also put the most common household essentials on opposite ends of the store, so you have to walk all the way through the store to get what you need. Try to stay on target and focused on what you came there to buy. We hope these reminders help you make the most of your dollars at the grocery store and remember, Solidarity is always here for you with our Shared ATM & Branching network with credit unions all over the state and worldwide.
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