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7 Sneaky Holiday Savings Tips

November has arrived, and with it the urge to start shopping for the many folks on your holiday gift giving list.  While you’re making your list and checking it twice, read about some not so common ways to save on gifts this holiday season.

  1. Don’t Wait for Holiday Sales

  2. Take advantage of retailer “price-match” and price adjustment policies by shopping for your gifts in early November.  Many major retailers offer Black Friday (or close to Black Friday) sale prices early in the month, so even if you pay a little more, pay attention over the next week or two to see if the price drops at that retailer or a competitor.  You can go back to the store to get the difference in price in cash! 

    Sign up for websites like PriceBlink or TrackIf, as well as your favorite retailers’ websites, to get alerts and emails about sales and specials.  Retailer won’t give you a price adjustment?  Use your credit card to make the purchase and your credit card issuer may honor the adjustment for you.  Credit card companies like Citibank Discover and MasterCard offer this service for card holders.

  3. Beat the Crowds and Score Black Friday Prices

  4. Get the door-buster deals without dealing with the crowds by checking out EBay a few days after Black Friday.  Many folks will brave the lines and crowds for the door buster deals and then will re-sell them on EBay for a small markup.  Even with the markup, you’ll still save big over the regular price in the case of some items, and you can sleep in on Black Friday!

  5. Get a Discount on Gift Cards for Holiday Shopping

  6. Gift cards are the most requested gift, and probably the easiest one to get.  Did you know you can buy discounted gift cards to your favorite shops and retailers online?  Check out websites like CardCash, and Raise for some great deals.

    Giving a gift card as a gift?  Consider purchasing gift cards in “even” denominations (i.e. $10, $25, $50) vs. those with odd amounts, as they are most likely new and not used. 

    Another great way to save money – purchase a discounted gift card to use for your holiday shopping!  Combine with in-store coupons and online discount codes for additional savings!

  7. Wait to Buy…and SAVE!

  8. The early bird doesn’t always get the worm, at least when it comes to shopping for some popular holiday items.  Unless it’s an in-demand toy or a Black Friday “door buster”, wait until December 18-24 to purchase toys for the kids on your list, as the prices will likely drop to below Black Friday deal pricing.  The same is true for HDTVs, which usually see a significant price drop in January and February (think Super Bowl Sales), winter apparel and high end computers, which will go on sale in February after the holiday rush.  If someone on your gift list has these on their wish list, consider a gift card so he or she can get more bang for his/her buck after the holidays.

  9. Use Amazon Prime for Sales and Free Shipping

  10. A little hesitant about shelling out $99 for Amazon Prime? Consider joining during the holidays and reap the numerous benefits for shoppers, including early access to sales and free two-day shipping.  If you don’t want to commit to the annual fee, consider the free 30-day membership.

  11. Abandon Your Online Shopping Cart

  12. Procrastinators profit when it comes to online shopping too! Abandon your online shopping cart after you’ve given the retailer your email address during the checkout process.  Some retailers will send you an email with a discount or coupon code to get you back to complete your purchase. 

  13. Take Advantage of Discounts on Non-Gift Items

  14. The deals on non-gift items abound during the holiday season as well, so keep your eyes open for great deals on items you’ll use year-round.  This includes sales at drugstores for non-gift items (personal items, toiletries, etc.).  Be on the lookout for sales on wine during the year-end as well, and extra deals from sites like Groupon – you can stock up at a discount and grab a few extra bottles to take to holiday parties.

If you’re looking to save, be sure to reach out to your friends at Solidarity for information on our Savings Accounts, including our Christmas Club account, IRAs, and more. 

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