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5 Steps To Home Improvement

For most people, home is a special place.  It represents our sanctuary from the world and the place where we spend quality time with our family and friends.  Our home is also the single largest investment we will make in our lives.

Since your home represents a huge part of your life, you know that it makes good sense to do what you can to enhance and improve your home.  Here are some easy tips to guide you through your home remodel.

Set your priorities and what you want to accomplish.  Do you want additional space or a more open floor plan?  Or is it just simply a one room remodel such as an updated kitchen or bath.

Make a list for the project.  Establish your needs versus your wants.  Any safety concerns should be addressed first and foremost.  List materials you would like to use and give yourself an alternative in case your first choice is too expensive or unavailable.

Set a budget for the project.  Think about the cost of the project versus its potential payback if you are planning to sell the home in a few years.  Visit open houses in your neighborhood to give you an idea of the current trends, etc.

Hire a contractor.  Work with licensed contractors only, ask for references, call your local building code office and ask them about the contractor, get a detailed contract in writing and discuss terms and conditions with the contractor.  Hiring a contractor can be a huge help to any home owner, however, when the wrong contractor is hired it can easily become a homeowner’s worst nightmare.

Get a home equity loan.  Make an appointment with a loan officer at Solidarity to discuss your financial needs for the project.  Our loan officers will find the right loan to meet your needs!

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