Solidarity Community Federal Credit Union announces an ATM in Logansport.


Logansport, Ind. – November 21, 2023 –  Solidarity Community Federal Credit Union is proud to announce that for the convenience of its members in Cass County, a full-service Solidarity ATM is now available on the west end of the parking lot of the former Logansport Mall, now called the Junction.

At this full-service ATM, anyone can receive cash and Solidarity members can deposit up to 100 bills or 50 checks into checking or savings accounts. Receipts are available with printed images. Cash deposits are available immediately, and check deposit funds are available as governed by bank/credit union policy or account agreements.

Solidarity was started in 1954 by Delco Electronics employees placing a quarter a week in a cigar box until they had enough saved to buy a co-worker a car. Moving forward, those employees started a not-for-profit cooperative called a “credit union.” The board is accountable to its members.

For more information regarding the Logansport ATM, call Solidarity Community Federal Credit Union at (765) 453-4020. If you are interested in becoming a member of Solidarity, click here. Applications are available online or at 201 Southway Boulevard East or 214 North Dixon Road in Kokomo.

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