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Solidarity Surprise Squad

What is #ItsOurTreat?

Solidarity Surprise Squad with the Kokomo Police DepartmentSolidarity was formed in Kokomo way back in 1954 as a credit union for Delco Radio employees. This city and the surrounding counties have allowed us to grow beyond any expectations. To show our appreciation, we give back in a number of ways. The #ItsOurTreat initiative is designed to thank all of Kokomo's Citizens for making this town such a special place. We formed a rotating group of employees, dubbed them the Solidarity Surprise Squad, and set them loose out in the community. We pay for meals, groceries, gas, desserts, and even pet surgeries completely at random and free of restrictions. The Surprise Squad is meant to spread spontaneous joy and goodwill in the community. If we can brighten just a couple people's day, we have succeeded in our mission. 

If you see us in the community, snap a pic and check out our photo contest rules below on how to enter.

If you are a business or organization who would like to arrange a Surprise Squad outing for a specific event, fill out the form at the bottom of the page (Go To Form)

Hashtag Contest

How To Participate

Solidarity is holding a contest each time the Surprise Squad is out in the community so those who missed out can still win free merchandise! Entries can be made on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The post must include the following text to be eligible..
  1. On Facebook, #SolidaritySurpriseSquad and mention our page @SolidarityFCU (Be sure to select our page name from the dropdown to make sure it alerts us)
  2. On Twitter, #SolidaritySurpriseSquad and mention our page @SolidarityCU
  3. On Instagram, #SolidaritySurpriseSquad and mention our page @SolidarityFCU


  1. You get 1 entry per sighting (picture proof) per social media platform! (You can get 3 entries if you post on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram!)
  2. You must include the hashtag #SolidaritySurpriseSquad in your post and @mention our page
  3. You must Like/Follow Solidarity's Page on the social media platform you are sharing on
  4. An entry will be randomly selected as the winner within 7 days of the Surprise Squad appearance


We will attempt to contact the winner by email 2 times before selecting. If the winner is unable to be reached by email, a representative will attempt to contact the winner through a social media platform. If contact is not been made within 3 business days of the winner being chosen, we will choose a new winner and repeat the process.

Partner With the Solidarity Surprise Squad

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