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Mortgage Checklist

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W-2 Wage Earners

___ Most recent pay stub showing Year To Date income for each borrower
___ Prior Year W-2's for each borrower
___ Last 60 days bank statements if not with Solidarity
___ Most recent information on investment accounts (including 401(k) accounts)
___ Divorce Decree and Property Settlement signed (if applicable)
___ Bankruptcy Papers (if applicable)
___ Copy of valid photo ID


___ Personal and business returns, complete with all supporting schedules for previous two years
___ Year-to-date profit and loss statements
___ Current balance sheet (most recent quarter end)

New Home Purchases

In addition to information requested above:
___ Signed copy of the Offer to Purchase
___ Copy of the listing data sheet, if available

If Refinancing a Mortgage

In addition to information requested above:
___ Statement of current mortgage (if applicable)
___ Copy of Homeowners (hazard) Insurance Policy
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