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Mobile Deposits

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Mobile Deposit Tutorial
How to Deposit Your Check on Mobile
1. Sign into the Solidarity Mobile App, click the in the top left to open the app's sidebar menu. Click on MOBILE DEPOSIT.

Solidarity Mobile Deposit Instructions Screenshot 1

2. On the Mobile Deposit screen, you will want to select which account to deposit the check to and then enter the exact amount on the check.

Solidarity Mobile Deposit Instructions Screenshot 2

3. You will then be prompted to take a picture of both the front and back of the check through the mobile app. Make sure to follow any on screen prompts, to place the check on a surface with a sufficiently contrasting color to the check, and to take the picture in a room with proper lighting. NOTE: Please write "For Mobile Deposit Only" in an appropriate spot near the signature line on the back of the check.

Solidarity Mobile Deposit Instructions Screenshot 3

4. Please review the alert box and make sure you have done all that is mentioned. Once you are confident the check meets all the requirements, click on I Agree to confirm the mobile deposit!

Solidarity Mobile Deposit Instructions Screenshot 4
Mobile Deposits Capture Photo

Mobile Deposits - Picture perfect deposits made with your Apple or Android device!

Depositing a check to your account(s) at Solidarity is as easy as taking a picture with your phone or tablet! Just position the check to view through the camera of your smartphone, snap a picture of both the front and back of the check. It's saved as a picture file and you click to send it to your account(s) at Solidarity. 

Be sure to write the following on the back of the check:

  • Your Signature
  • Account #
  • Date
  • Write "For Mobile Deposit"
Saturday, Sunday & Closed Holidays Mobile Deposits will be credited the next business day.  Mark the checks you deposit with Mobile Deposit ,and store briefly or shred after you see your credit on your account!

Eligibility and Requirements

  • Must be a member in good standing with Solidarity                                                    
  • Must have a Solidarity checking account
  • Must be an Online Banking user
  • Download our Solidarity Mobile App

    Solidarity Mobile Banking App Icon  App Store Google Play

Register for Mobile Banking

  • Log into Online Banking
  • In the left hand column menu click on Deposit Checks
  • Read and Accept the Terms and Conditions
  • Receive email regarding your registration

Features & Benefits

  • Make check deposits conveniently and securely from your Apple or Android device
  • Receive prompt email notification of deposit status
  • Receive same business day credit to your checking account 
  • Receive next business availability of all Mobile Deposits
  • Monitor all account activity conveniently through Online Banking
  • Another FREE and convenient service from Solidarity
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