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Make a Loan Payment

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Make a Loan Payment from your Solidarity accounts

Make a payment from one of your Solidarity accounts through Online Banking.

Make a payment from an account at another financial institution.

Make a Loan Payment from another financial institution

Step-by-Step instructions

On the homepage of our website ( click on LOAN PAYMENT in white at the top of the screen>click on “another financial institution.”>click “Get Started”>OK>New User? Register Here (right above the email address box)>It will have you set up security questions>your password CANNOT end in a number (we suggest something like Solidarity1! >You must have the routing number & account number for the financial institution you are paying from along with the account number and the last 4 digits of the primary borrower’s social security number for the loan you are paying on. 
Once you have registered your checking account will be saved. 
You can bookmark:
Double click on the top line listed as Solidarity Community FCU to proceed when using bookmarked page. 

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