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Learn Financial Literacy without paying for it! 

Solidarity is proud to bring you our financial literacy program called Banzai.  This hands-on, interactive financial education center can be used by all ages and through all stages of life from young children to retirees.  We partnered with Banzai because we believe in the importance of sharing knowledge in financial education and financial literacy. 

We think this will make such an impact on your life that we are going to reward everyone who completes the course.  Just sign up and select the age-appropriate course, and upon completion we'll deposit $25 into your regular share/savings account with Solidarity.  If you are not a member, we will deposit $25 into your new primary share/savings account. 

*One certificate per person annually; May be redeemed for deposit into a current Savings or Checking at Solidarity, or to open a New Savings or Checking; Not redeemable for cash.

Play Financial Football with Solidarity

Financial Football is a free, easy and fun way to learn financial literacy! This interactive football game helps kiddos learn more about financial literacy, while also having fun.
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Solidarity History Fact

We held our fundraiser to make an ADA Accessible Playground in Highland Park in February 2017

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