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There are a lot of investment choices out there. But not many compare with the Individual Retirement Account (IRA). 

What is an IRA?

Hedge Themed IRA Growth PictureBoiled down to its essential components, an IRA is a personal retirement savings plan that can usually be funded monthly or annually.

You have many IRA options

Depending on your taxable income and your retirement plans, there's an IRA for you. While there are several, the two main options are traditional and Roth IRAs.

Traditional IRAs are perfect for the investor wishing to think forward with pre-tax dollars. And traditional IRA contributions may be tax deductible (see a tax consultant). Of course, there will be some taxes due when you begin to withdraw from your IRA at retirement.

Roth IRAs use after-tax dollars to help you invest in the future. Any returns made from a Roth IRA are yours to keep with no tax implications. Roth IRA contributions are not tax deductible.

Solidarity offers both IRA Savings accounts and IRA Certificates.
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