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Getting Ready for the 2020 School Year

Students in classroom wearing FacemasksWe are living in uncertain times. The most resilient among us, as is always the case, are the children. This is not an easy decision to send the kids to school or to choose online learning, but there are things to be done to help the children and teachers transition into this new arena of learning. Parents can ensure every precaution is taken for the sake of the educators as well as the students.

Practice Patience

This is a big one. We all need to be easy with each other in our communities as we navigate this school year. We especially need to be easy on the kids, as this is unprecedented territory and something they have absolutely no control over. It is going to feel alarming and uncomfortable to be so distant from their friends and treated differently by teachers. Frustration and anger are natural reactions to big changes, so give your kids room to express emotion through this year.

Masks for their safety and for yours

If you haven’t made, bought, or been given masks for your kids at this point, it is time to obtain them. There are lots of options and having several to make sure there is always one on hand is best practice. Teach them the reasons, but also teach them responsibility for it, and it needs to be washed right along with their hands as soon as they get home.

Hand washing all day every day

Make it a game, sing some songs, make up rhyme, tell stories or dance the washing hands dance. Whatever you need to do to help your kids instill the best practice of all and one in which will keep them and their teachers safe. Offer up small prizes for a new wash song or treats for every story they tell during wash time.

Open communication with educators

Ask your educators what they need from you to be successful with your student. Now more than ever, our teachers need our support. If you have the ability, offer up additional school supplies, snacks for the class, or come up with outdoor games that allow for social distancing.

Be honest about your limitations. Keep the lines of communication open and check in to see if your child’s teacher is getting worn down and could use your support. If you are getting back constructive criticism about your child not adjusting well to the new standards, work with your child at every opportunity to help them understand the necessity of these changes.

You may notice some emotional surges in your child as they enter this new school year and that is absolutely normal. Everyone is new at this and a little bit uncertain. Kids pick up on these things and it makes them feel uneasy. Do your best to be a solid foundation for them and a shoulder to cry on when things are overwhelming. We are all learning together, and our communities will get through this together.

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