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Fee Schedule

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Effective April 21, 2017

 Item  Fee  
Classic Checking minimum balance ($1,000) fee $10.00 per month
Solid Interest Checking minimum balance ($2,500) fee $4.00 per month
eChecking-ATM transactions at Non-Solidarity ATM's $1.50 per transaction after 2 free
eChecking-Per Item Fee $0.20 per items over 10 monthly
Kokomo Edge - Per Item Fee $0.25 per items over 15 monthly
Kokomo Edge - ATM transaction Non-Solidarity ATM $1.50 per transaction after 2 free
Checking II Service Fee $10.00 per month
IUK Cougar - Per Item Fee $0.25 per item over 15 per month
Non-Sufficient Funds / Overdraft Privilege Fees $28.00 per item
Member Deposited Resubmit / NSF Check Fee $28.00 per check
Non-member Deposited Resubmit / NSF Check Fee $17.00 per check
Stop Payments - Drafts & Bill Pay $32.00 per item
Stop Payments - Drafts & Bill Pay $35.00 per series
Official Checks & Money Orders $1.00 per check or money order
Counter Checks $5.00 per set
Merchant Checks $10.00 per check
Savings to Checking Overdraft Transfers $3.00 per transfer
Telephone Transfers $5.00 per transfer
Loan Payment Telephone Transfers $3.00 per transfer
Online Banking PIN Reset $5.00 per occurrence
Wire Transfers-Outgoing $25.00 per wire
Wire Transfers-International $60.00 per wire
Notary/Signature Guarantee $2.00 per occurrence
Attachments / Garnishments $20.00 each
Tax Levies $75.00 each
Immigration Letter $30.00 per full-letter
Travel / Money Card $5.00 per card
Travel / Money Card Reload $2.00 per reload
Check Photocopies - Drafts & Bill Pay $5.00 per copy
Statement / Snapshot Copies $5.00 per copy
Research Time $20.00 per hour
Immediate Checkbook Balancing $30.00 per occurrence
Checking/ATM Card Replacement $10.00 after one free replacement card per year
Bad Address Fee $3.00 per occurrence
Dormant Account Fee $1.00 per month
Account Closed Within 180 days of Opening $25.00 per account
Check Cashing Fee - Savings Account Less than $100 $5.00 per check
Check Cashing Fee-members <18 yrs old, Checking, Loan or Credit Card Accounts Free per check
Non-member Check Cashing Fee $10.00 per check
Tax Refund Cash Advance Check Fee $30.00 each
Foreign Item Collection Fee $10.00 per item
Printed Copy of History $1.00 per copy
Re-Evaluation Fee $50.00 per request
Online Outgoing Account Transfers $2.00 per transfer
Popmoney Minimal Fee Relevant to Amount per occurrence
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