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Debit Cards

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Tired of carrying around that old fashioned checkbook?

A Solidarity debit card is the perfect substitute! You have the security of paying for items with a VISA protected card, but also the freedom of a standard check. A Solidarity ATM is just a store away and most retailers provide cash back on debit cards. A Solidarity members with a checking account will receive a debit card in approximately 7-10 days . Order your debit card online

Any Solidarity debit or credit card can be a lot safer with Verified by VISA. A program that not only protects your online purchases; it protects your identity and credit. How? By using your Solidarity VISA online at specific retailers, you're asked for your Verified by VISA username and password. If someone steals your card and tries to buy something online at select retailers, they won't be able to use your card. Neat huh?

Starting is as easy as 1, 2, 3!
  1. Use Verified by VISA
  2. Spot the “Activate Now” link located on the right side of the page. (Input only the primary account holder’s information so VISA will know who is trying to activate the card).
  3. Walk through the steps, including new password generation and review of billing rights and fraud detection. Enjoy your freedom!

To protect your account, Solidarity places security restrictions on debit cards outside the US. In order to have access to funds abroad check out our TravelMoney®.
Apple Pay Samsung Pay  Android Pay

Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay available on Solidarity's Debit Cards


After regular business hours call:
1-800-523-4175 (Debit Cards) or 1-800-558-3424 (Credit Cards)
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