Mobile Payments

Pay from your phone at just about anywhere, for anything!

The following Solidarity cards may be used with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Android Pay:

  • Solidarity VISA® Debit Cards, including IUK Cougar Debit Card and Kokomo Edge Teen Zone Debit Card

  • Credit MASTERCARD®

  • Zipline Debit Card on your Personal Line of Credit Loan

  • Health Savings Debit Card

  • VISA® Business Debit Cards

To make in-store payments, look for the contactless payment symbol at participating Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Android Pay merchants. You can also make in-app purchases with participating merchants.

For more information about Apple Pay, visit the Apple website.

For more information about Android Pay, visit the Android Pay website or view set-up instructions here.

For set-up on your mobile device
Go to settings >>look for Digital Wallet, or Wallet & Apple, Samsung or Android Pay>>enter info for each card you want to use for payments as indicated>>verify your card by allowing the call to your financial institution or carrier of the card and you will need to give them some security information for completion>>after verify is satisfied you are capable of paying for any purchases by just using your phone without touching clerk’s keypads, pens etc.