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At Solidarity, we proudly present Banzai, our financial literacy program. Complete an age-appropriate course and receive a $25 deposit in your Solidarity share/savings account.* If you’re not a member, we’ll deposit $25 in your new primary share/savings account.*

*Terms apply: One certificate per person annually. Redeemable for deposits at Solidarity or for new account openings. Not redeemable for cash.


We offer Banzai, a completely free set of financial courses, and would love to partner with you. Please contact to get started.

Eligible partnership schools include:
Carroll Elementary
Carroll Junior High
Clinton Central Elementary School
Clinton Central Junior Senior High School
Clinton Prairie Elementary School
Eastern Jr & Sr. High School
Eastlawn Elementary School
Frankfort Covenant Academy
Frontier Elementary
Green Meadows Intermediate Elementary School
Kokomo High School
Meadowlawn Elementary School
North White Intermediate
Northwestern Sr. High School
Oaklawn Elementary School
Rossville Elementary School
Suncrest Elementary School
Taylor High School
The Excel Center- Kokomo
Tipton High School
Tri-County Intermediate School
Western High School