Don’t Fall for the Rom-Con.


Some want a love like Johnny and June, while others are looking for one like Taylor and Travis. In today’s digital age, surfing the web to make a personal connection has created an uptick in romance scams. At SOLFCU, we are committed to not only safeguarding your financial well-being but also protecting your heart. As Celine would say, we want your “Heart to go on and on.

Romance scams involve criminals building emotional connections with individuals through online platforms to exploit their trust to extract money. While these romance scams often start innocently, the scammer eventually fabricates stories that tug at the victim’s emotions, leading them to send money or provide sensitive personal information.

Avoid Romance Scams with the following tips:

It’s too good to be true!
Watch out for elaborate stories that tug at your heartstrings…hardships, emergencies or tragic events. Scammers use these narratives to create a sense of urgency and manipulate emotions.

Guard your information!
Be cautious about sharing your home address, financial information, Social Security number, etc. Legitimate partners will respect your privacy.

Confirm, confirm, confirm!
Avoid video calls or in-person meetings until you know who your suitor is, and use resources to confirm their identity. For example, try reverse-searching profile images.

Your money is YOURS!
When it comes to matters of the heart, we naturally want to help others. No matter what, avoid sending money to someone you’ve only met online. Invented emergencies or financial crises can get you ‘in the feels.’ 

Call in back-up!
Trusted friends or family members can help screen potential partners. Their valuable perspectives can help you discern genuine connections from potential scams.

Swipe carefully!
Create profiles on well-established and reputable dating platforms with security features to help identify and eliminate fraudulent accounts.

Solidarity Community Federal Credit Union remains dedicated to protecting our members from financial scams. Proceeding with caution is essential regarding matters of the heart. Remember, your financial security and well-being are our top priorities.

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