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Your Credit Score

Do you have financial goals? Do you want to improve your credit score to achieve those goals?

Whether buying a house, a car or anything requiring a loan or if you’re going to rent a new apartment or improve your overall creditworthiness, Credit Score powered by Savvy Money can help you. Credit Score conveniently accessed within mobile banking, is FREE to Solidarity members. You can check and refresh your credit score and report daily without impacting your score. With Credit Score, you can CREATE a credit score goal, receive personalized recommendations and TRACK your progress toward your goal. You can edit your goal anytime, and you will receive messages when meeting milestones and when you ACHIEVE your goal.

How to find your score

It’s easy! No new login required – access your score anytime and anywhere!

  • Log into online banking through a desktop PC Click on the new box that states Get Your Credit Score
  • Answer 4 quick enrollment questions
  • See your credit score
  • Your credit score is also available on our mobile apps

Are you ready to reach your financial goals? Enroll in Credit Score powered by Savvy Money today.

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